Welcome to the Black Sea Basin Region via PIRT
Simply because PIRT enables you to Explore, Experience and Enjoy 4 Black Sea Basin countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey) at once.
You only need 3 steps to take:
  • Select one or more option from existing 10 different itineraries
  • Start your trip from 1 of the “PIRT countries”, learn its neighbor countries and end your trip in the 4th country to make your learning of the region complete
  • Enjoy learning your neighbor and learning yourself
UNESCO Heritage Tour
This UNESCO Heritage Tour will take you back into history through a unique journey during which you will visit breathtaking spectacles in the Black Sea Region, one of the Europe’s less travelled but probably best kept secrets.
“Via Pontica” Birdwatching Tour
Armenia's physical characteristics, variety of habitats and geographical situation at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East explain the rich avifauna found in the country.
Route of the caravans: Black sea silk road
Black Sea Pearls
The Beauty of Simplicity
Hiking tour
Become a Single Cross Border Visitor and travel through 4 countries at once by selecting one of 10 packages.